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Welcome to the INDEX project website!

INDEX is a project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework programme.

INDEX is an "Initial training Network" for training and career development of young researchers.

INDEX stands for " Indirect Excitons" and is about fundamental physics and applications.

INDEX started in November 2011 and will run for four years with an impressive network of 13 academic and industrial partners and a budget of almost 3 million euros.

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Latest News

INDEX Final Conference 20-24 September 2015

The INDEX final conference focused on the collective excitations in two-dimensional systems. The event was organized by the partner SNS and was held at the Scuela Normale Superiore in Pisa, It. You can find a few picture below.

Feedback on Les Houches by Anton NALITOV under the section "news"& pictures of the event website!

Check the websites: For the feedback on the Winter School: http://indexitn.euhttp://indexitn.coulomb.univ-montp2... For a couple of pictures of the Winter School