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Winter School in Les Houches, France, by Anton NALITOV (March 2015)

The 2015 Winter School on the Physics of Indirect Excitons in Les Houches, France, was organized as a perfect winter school should be. A calm distant place in the Alps near Chamonix is ideal to concentrate on physics and forget about all the rest for a week. With one important exception for skiing, which, together with fresh mountain air and sunny weather, helped being active and open-minded during sessions. The scientific part of the school was opened by an introductory lecture, or a (...)

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Mid-term meeting in Cambridge by Ugo Siciliani (August 2013)

There is something beautiful in approaching Cambridge at the end of the summer. All the prejudices regarding the weather in England appear to visitors as huge and unjustified rumours. Bright and sunny, Cambridge was, on the contrary, the perfect location for the Mid term meeting of the project. We met at Jesus college where Jeremy played host as Fellow of the college. The Cambridge way, with its set of thirty-one colleges, is a very special system to experience, pretty rare to find (...)

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Indirect Excitons Summer School by Thomas Satzoukidis (July 2014)

The International School on the Physics of Indirect Excitons was held in Erice, Sicily from 26th July to 1st August 2014. For me it was one of the best events attended up to now. The scientific program was more than catchy and the presentations given covered in a complete way the area of indirect excitons on which we are all working. The “Ettore Mayorana” school is a lovely place situated in the beautiful city of Erice and that contributed as well on the success of this event. It’s (...)

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PLMCN15 by Pramod Sharma (June 2014)

An escalation of tremendous progress in the field of light matter interaction was observed at the PLMCN 2014 conference held in Montpellier, France. The participation of a large number of researchers coming from across all over the globe has further shown the importance of the field. Within a course of five days of conference, the well organized talks by the renowned professors, and researchers have not only given glimpses of their recent scientific achievements, but also have shown how the (...)

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’2013 Researchers’ Night’ in Pisa

Karsten, ESR in Modena participated to the 2013 Researchers’ Night at the Centro Espositivo San Michele degli Scalzi in Pisa on the 27th September 2013. This was a fantastic outreach event for the general public where science demos, short talks, and science cafés took place in order to let people explore science through fun learning. Find out more on Marie Curie fellow Karsten was clearly very involved in the (...)

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PLMCN14 by Alexander Dreismann (Mai 2013)

The 14th “Conference on the Physics of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures” – short “PLMCN14” – was held in Hersonissos, Crete. Surrounded by the bright-blue of the Mediterranean and under a refreshingly powerful sun (if you live in England, that is), we experienced five days tightly packed with interesting talks and fierce discussions, chatty coffee breaks and pleasant evenings, all in the company of colleagues and friends, old and new. The scientific schedule showed many well-respected (...)

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European Worshop on indirect excitons, December 11-14, 2012, Barcelona

From the 11th to the 14th of December 2012, ICFO hosted the European Workshop on Indirect Excitons. The workshop emphasized the formation of collective quantum phenomena with indirect excitons confined in bilayer heterostructures, and more generally with ultra-cold dipolar gases. The workshop gave the opportunity to PhD students to present their doctoral work and to meet the international community of experts in the (...)

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ISSO 2012 (July 10-14) by Peter Eldridge

The international summer school on spin-optronics held in Saint Petersburg this July was a joint school between three different ITN projects, SPINOPTRONICS, CLERMONT4 and INDEX. The diversity between the different projects was mirrored by the varied nature of the school’s scientific content. That being said, the organisers did an excellent job in persuading some of the biggest names in spin physics, polaritons and indirect excitons to give talks at the school. Most of the invited talks were (...)

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Informal meeting in Barcelona, January 27, 2012

Masha Vladimirova, Denis Scalbert, Marion Ritchie and Jason Leonard, a visiting American PhD student of Leonid Butov, decided to take a trip to Barcelona to discuss physics and training with François Dubin. They spoke of the recruitment of PhD students, of the content of their research and of the envisaged secondments in each other’s institution. They also spoke of their cooperation with the university of San Diego that was represented by Jason Leonard. Of course (...)

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Kick-off meeting in Modena, Italy, December 5-6, 2011

Early December, the INDEX consortium was warmly welcomed in Modena, Italy for the kick-off meeting of our Initial training network. After a pleasant Sunday night social gathering in the beautiful historical city center, all the partners met at the university on Monday morning to discuss physics and the initial training of researchers. Masha Vladimirova, the scientific coordinator of the project, reintroduced the scientific objectives of the project, the different activities, the planned (...)

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