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by Helene Lebrun-Andersson - 14 February 2013

Kick-off meeting Modena, Italy 5-6 December 2011
International School on Spin-Optronics, join event with "CLERMONT4" and "SPINOPTRONICS" ITNs St Petersburg, Russia 10-15 July 2012
European Workshop on Indirect Excitons Barcelona, Spain December 2012
14th PLMCN Conference Heraklion, Greece May 2013
Mid term review meeting Cambridge, UK August 2013
15th PLMCN Conference Montpellier, France June 2014
International School on the Physics of Indirect Excitons Erice, Italy July 2014
Winter School on the Physics of Indirect Excitons Les Houches, France March 2015
Workshop Cortona, Italy October 2015
Collective Electronic Excitations in 2D Pisa, Italy September 2015