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Interview of Peter ELDRIDGE, former British ER in Greece

Peter ELDRIDGE was recruited early on in the project. He has been working in Greece with Pavlos Savvidis at the Foundation for Research and Technology since November 2011. Peter comes from London but he has a strong interest in foreign cultures and international cooperation. He is currently in a post-doc position working on developing optoelectronic devices. We decided to interview him to find out more on who he is and on his past and present experience. Peter ELDRIDGE Tell us about your (...)

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Karsten LEDING JENSEN, Danish ESR in Italy

Karsten was recruited in July 2012 to complete a PhD at the S3 CNR Nanosciences institute in Modena, Italy under the supervision of Massimo RONTANI. For the next three years he will be working on the subject of coherent manipulation and transfer of spin through transport of excitions / Cooper pairs. He introduces himself to us in more details. Three words which describe me as a person: Industrious, Flexible & Stubborn The 20th of June 2012, I completed my degree in Master of science (...)

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Alexander DREISMANN, German ESR in Britain

Alexander DREISMANN joined the University of Cambridge in Mai 2012 to pursue his PhD studies. He introduces himself to us: "I am from Berlin, Germany, where I studied physics and philosophy at the city’s technical university (Technische Universität zu Berlin). During My final year within Dieter Bimberg’s group I worked on quantum dot based single photon emitters while my philosophical studies focussed on the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein. I studied more specifically his last book "On (...)

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Ryan BALILI, former Filipino ER in Britain

Ryan BALILI was working as a post-doctorate in Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. BAUMBERGG. "I was born and raised in a remote, farming region in the Philippines where physics research is unheard of. However, during my senior year in high school I was introduced to physics and was immediately enamored by it. It explained so many things that were mysterious to me before then. The potential for using the knowledge not only to explain but also to create new and cool gadgets has deeply (...)

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Pramod KUMAR SHARMA, Indian ESR in Crete, Greece

Pramod KUMAR SHARMA is a PhD student at the University of Crete. He started his PhD with the INDEX project in September 2012 in the group of Professor Pavlos SAVVIDIS in the Microelectronics Research Group (MRG) of the Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser (IESL), Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas (FORTH), Crete Hellas. He introduces himself to us: "I received my Master of Technology degree in Engineering Physics in 2009 from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, (...)

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Ugo SICILIANI, Italian ESR in Britain

Ugo SICILIANI joined the University of Cambridge in October 2012 to pursue his PhD studies. He introduces himself to us: " I am from Catanzaro. This small city is located in a beautiful region in the deep South of Italy, where the sea and the land cooperate to create an amazing landscape in an exceptionally temperate weather. But it is also a land of corruption, passivity and, needless to say, of Mafia: when you grow up there you experience both the pleasure of having a hope and the pain (...)

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Thomas SATZOUDIKIS, Greek ESR in Italy

Thomas SATZOUDIKIS was recruited in October 2012 to complete a PhD at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy. He introduces his interests to us: "Hi, my name is Thomas and I am from Athens. After high school I started studying dentistry but very soon , I realized that physics ,which passionated me since high school, was far more interesting. During my BSc in Athens I got specialized knowledge in nuclear and elementary particle physics but when I attended the quantum optics course I (...)

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Peristera ANDREAKOU, former Greek ER in France

Peristera ANDREAKOU started a post-doctoral position in Montpellier, France in January 2013. She introduced herself: "I obtained my bachelor degree in Physics at the University of Athens, and achieved the Master of Science in Microsystems and Nanodevices at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. In 2008, I joined the Laboratory of Hybrid Photonics of the University of Southampton, where I successfully completed my PhD studies. My research focused on the exciton dynamics of (...)

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Mussie BEIAN, German ESR in Spain

Mussie Beian joined ICFO in Barcelona in November 2012 to pursue his PhD studies. He introduces himself: "Hi my name is Mussie and I’m from Germany. I studied Physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany where I obtained my Bachelors as well as my master degree. My master studies mainly focused on quantum optics which investigates the light matter interaction on the quantum level. I spent my final master year writing my thesis as a member of the Centre for Quantum (...)

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Anton NALITOV, Russian ESR in France

Anton NALITOV was recruited in September 2012 to complete a PhD at the University of Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France. He introduced himself: "My parents used to buy me a lot of books, and one of them, « Physics for kids » was my favourite. I had no doubt that I would become a physisist ever since. But for some reason I thought that I would make a good experimentalist. I even obtained my Bachelor’s degree in an experimental lab. Only then I realized that I prefer solving physical (...)

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Gabriel GIL JOSE, Cuban ESR in Italy

Hello, my name is Gabriel and I am from La Habana, Cuba. I graduated in Physics at the University of Havana in 2011. Two years later, I got my Master degree in Physical Sciences at the same university. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Augusto Gonzalez, from the Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics, in Havana, since I was a third-year undergraduate student, and I joined his group in Theoretical Physics Department in 2011. Although my previous research experience is (...)

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Fedor FEDICHKIN, Russian ESR in France

Hi, I am Fedor. I am from Russia. I did my bachelor degree in Nanoelectronics at Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University and my Master in Saint-Petersburg Academic University. I did research in solar cells based on polymer-nanoparticles conjunctions. On November 2013 after completing my second Master in Paris, I joined the group of Masha Vladimirova to work on optoelectronics, in particular on excitons that captured my attention during my Master in Russia. I do my PhD research on the (...)

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